Traveling to Italy- Picinisco!

In April, we took a transatlantic cruise to Rome.  The cruise and Rome (of course) was fabulous, but what was a lot of fun was when we took a road trip across Italy to a little village on a mountainside called Picinisco.  My husband’s maternal side of the family hails from there, and we have wanted to travel to the village for many years.  Here are some pictures of the bed and breakfast B&B Villa il Noce where we stayed and then of Picinisco.  We had never stayed at a bed and breakfast before and the lady of the house (Maria Rosaria) spoke NO English, but it was absolutely a charming villa with breathtaking views and Maria Rosaria  was gracious and lovely as well!

                                                  CIAO BELLA, ITALY!


Here are some from Picinisco which is a remote village (commune) on TOP of a mountain! Rick Steves recommends that if you see people sitting on a bench in a place you’re visiting, strike up a conversation with them   that’s what we did.  Actually, they started talking with us because we were obviously not from Picinisco (population of about 1200 people). One of the gentlemen ordered all of us a caffe.  ‘They told us the history of Picinisco, how it was a fortress, and gave us insight to the Santangelli family- the one’s my husband’s family comes from!  It was so much fun and I won’t ever forget it!


cropped-bitmoji1.pngJulie xxx