Olly’s Pasta!

It’s not really called “Olly’s Pasta”, but that what we call it, because Kevin’s aunt sent him upon request this recipe!  It’s really called “Penne with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Sizzling Bacon” and the recipe is in a link below.  It is a fabulous, easy, flavorful go to recipe.

The only change I made to this recipe was not to use as much penne pasta as stated in the recipe.  The sauce is really, really good and you want that spicy, tomatoey flavor to really come through.

It calls for passata- I had to look that up – it’s sieved tomatoes, so I just take a can of chopped tomatoes and let it drain in a strainer.


sieved tomatoes
Sieving chopped tomatoes
Chili and pasta recipe

It calls for a fresh chili.  I have dried chilis in the pantry so I use one of those. Be careful to remove the seeds and get rid of them, because they are the uber hot part.  Make sure you wash your hands afterwards or you will end up on fire!

dried chilis

chopped chili

chili seeds
Get rid of those chili seeds!!!


It calls for fresh basil and chopped onions.  Such beautiful, fresh, simple ingredients in this.

pasta and chili
chopped onions and basil

And also chopped bacon and paprika…

chopped bacon

And that’s it!

recipe for pasta and chili
tomatoes, bacon, chili and spices cooking

Except for the penne pasta…

pasta and chili recipe
Penne Pasta on the boil

I’m not sure why I didn’t take a snap of the finished meal, but anyway, just put the sauce on the pasta and it is SOOO good!

Here’s the link:

Olly’s Pasta!



Julie xxx


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