Roma – The Coliseum

The end of March this year (2018) we took a transatlantic cruise on Holland America to Rome.  Rome is such a cool place!  We stayed at Hotel Grifo in the Monti area.  It was about a 5 minute walk to the Coliseum.viewfromthegrifo                                            View from our room in the Monti district

IMG_20180416_211202                                                  The Coliseum at night

If you’re going to Rome, make sure you see the Coliseum at night!  

The line to get into the coliseum was really long and this was not even high season.  We went during a time that is considered a “shoulder” season.  Also, since the summer is considered “high season”, the crowds on the streets and at all the amazing sites would be really huge! Thankfully, the weather was really great.  I can just imagine how hot it must get in the summer in Rome! So my advice would be to consider not going to Rome in the summer to avoid both the heat and crowds!


I would definitely recommend getting timed tickets ahead of time so you can avoid the queues. The link to get tickets ahead of time from the official website is at the bottom.   IMG_2271 copyAbove is a really great view of the area below the floor where the animals and humans were kept.  (The floor is gone).  They had elevators to bring the animals and gladiators to the main floor.  They would have elaborate back drops and scenery.

Rick Steves has a great free audio tour for the coliseum:  Rick Steves – Walking tour- Rome

Listening to Rick Steve’s Audio Tour

Here’s where to go to get timed tickets:  The official website to get tickets for coliseum

I hope you get  a chance to go to Roma soon!


Julie xxx

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