One thing you can do to be healthier, happier, and more beautiful instantly!

When you see someone smile at you, what do you instinctively do?  Smile, of course.  And when you smile, you instantly feel happier. It is amazing when you think about the power of a smile.

Smiles are actually transformational!  Have you ever looked at someone who is frowning and thought, ouch, uh….  And THEN, the person flashes you a smile and they are instantly transformed into a beautiful person! It is amazing!

When you smile, it actually helps reduce stress and improve your mood. Studies have shown that just like listening to beautiful music, smiling can change your brain chemistry and release feel good endorphins.  You can prove this for yourself, by just trying it – Smile! 

Even when you’re alone, even a little inward smile, just a little play of a smile, makes you feel better.  If you’re in a bit of a funk or feeling blue, just try it!

Iconic Mona Lisa Smile
Mona Lisa smile

Smiling is contagious – so do it and pass it on!  It costs nothing, makes you even more beautiful, and you are doing your part to  make the world a better place!


For more on the power of a smile, check out:

Psychology Today: There’s Magic in Your Smile

and I’ve posted a great Ted Talk by Ron Gutman called “The hidden power of a smile” down below!


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