How to make a beautiful cup of coffee

A really great cup of coffee is a beautiful thing.  Using a french press is a fabulous way to make coffee.  Let me show you how.

Start with freshly coarse ground coffee.  I go to World Market or Whole Foods and get a small bag of whole bean coffee.  We currently are using either Guatemalan or Sumatra coffee, but whatever you choose, you want to make sure it’s Fair Trade coffee.  This means that the coffee has been certified that is has been grown and produced in a way that encourages environmental sustainability, as well as ensuring that the people involved in production were treated and compensated fairly.  Then I use the coffee grinder that they have in the store.  Set the grinder to coarse.  (The fine grind you get with pre-ground coffee doesn’t work well.) . This coffee will be so flavorful and rich and should be good for about a week.  (That’s why you just get a small bag.) At home, I put the coffee in an old coffee container just to keep it fresh.

 Here is a french press.  They are not expensive.  I got this one from Home Goods.


Then put about 5-6 spoonfuls of coffee in.  This amount will vary based on how strong you like your coffee.  Heat up your water in a kettle.

When the water has boiled, fill the french press carafe up with the water. Then put on the lid for a few moments.  (You don’t have to put on the lid yet, but it just keeps the coffee a little hotter.)


Then take the lid off and you’ll see at the top coffee grounds that have come to the surface.  This is called “bloom”.  You’ll take the bloom off with a spoon and then slowly push the plunger down.  And “voila!”, you have lovely, perfect coffee!


The last thing is to take the coffee grounds (the bloom) and put it in a plant- it’s a great organic compound for your plants! (Link below for more info on this.)


I hope you liked this post and love your coffee!  Enjoy! 


Link about coffee grounds and using diluted coffee for plants:




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